SolarYours Sàrl is committed to all aspects of quality management by maintaining a management system that satisfies the requirements of, and is certified by an accredited body to the latest International Standard SN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system uses a process approach, risk-based thinking, internal audits, client satisfaction feedback and management reviews to monitor how well we are achieving our quality goals and to continuously improve our effectiveness.

Our satisfied clients continue to choose us over our competitors. This shows the trust they have in the quality of our offerings to help them achieve their goals through reliable, cost-effective products and the support services we consistently deliver.

ISO 9001_2015 Certificate (ENG-FRA)

SolarYours Sàrl Quality Policy

Our number one priority is to listen to our customers and partners in order to offer them the best solution and quality corresponding to their request.

Our Objective:

Throughout SolarYours Sàrl, we put the customer at the centre of our decisions. We offer our customers personalized, fast, and consistent experiences for each of their interactions with us in order to satisfy them in terms of service, equipment, and quality.

Our Guiding Principles:

We want to have a positive impact on our stakeholders (customers, partners, and manufacturers) by providing them with the best level of service in the fields of distribution of materials relating to photovoltaic energy and storage of electrical energy in order to create added value.

Quality of the Offer:

In order to satisfy our customers, we emphasize a customized experience from the reception of the request until the delivery of the material by delivering services and products in conformity with customer requirements, thanks to our outstanding management.

In order to implement our commitments in terms of the quality policy, SolarYours Sàrl is dedicated through the implementation of a QMS to:

  • Listening to its customers in order to meet their needs and improve their satisfaction levels.
  • Improve the visibility of the company on the market.
  • Explore new markets around the world.
  • Maintain and upkeep quality infrastructure.
  • Develop partnership relationships with manufacturers.
  • Ensure compliance with the agreed deadlines and the quality of the products supplied.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Be available and responsive to customer needs and expectations.

Each of our processes contributes to the achievement of these objectives. To make our system more efficient, we have implemented a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This allows us to increase our ability to satisfy our customers and improve our organization.

We are committed to making the transition to ISO 9001 version 2015 effective in the first quarter of 2019. We would like to declare that we are committed to continuously developing and improving our QMS , and providing the means to ensure it is relevant and brings added value.

V2/ April 8, 2019